Saturday June 21st - Liam Robinson Dance Band

Saturday June 21st
Liam Robinson Dance Band

Trad Lincolnshire Dance

United Reform Church Hall, Broad Street, Stamford
7.30 – 11pm £5

Traditional dance music of the highest quality. Three highly skilled musicians who understand what it takes to play traditional music for dancing. Musician and dance caller Liam Robinson has performed across Europe and North America at events from small house dances to large festivals. His band, featuring Tim Walker on percussion and brass and Nina Zagorski on piano, bring you some of the best traditional dance music around including many tunes local to their home area of Lincolnshire.

Friday June 20th - Tourdion and friends

Dances for the Stamford Music Festival

Friday June 20th
Tourdion and friends
Trad French Dance

United Reform Church Hall, Broad Street, Stamford
8 pm Workshop 9 - 11pm Dance £3

This is the opening event for the revived Stamford Music Festival. A Tourdion dance event is very similar to the more familiar British ceilidh or barn dance. This band's repertoire, though, is not from the UK but is drawn from all parts of France - from Brittany to Provence and all places in between. Just like a ceilidh, Tourdion provide a caller who can talk the dancers through each dance, and demonstrate the moves if necessary. Their large repertoire includes bourrées, scottishes, an dros, mazurkas, valses and polkas, plus some lesser-known Provencal dances. The six-piece band play a wide range of instruments from hurdy-gurdy, cittern and épinette des Vosges to mandolin, melodeon, whistle and clarinet.

Thursday June 5th - Estonian Dance: Kadri Laube and Marju Varblane

Thursday 5th June
Estonian Dance - Kadri Laube and Marju Varblane

8 pm £8
8-9 pm. dance workshop, and then a dance to 11 pm.
Tinwell Village Hall, Manor Lane, Tinwell PE9 3UD

Kadri and Marju are two of the foremost traditional dance musician in Estonia - playing fiddles, often in harmony, Estonian diatonic accordion, jew's harp and several other instruments. They come as part of their first UK tour to playing at the Southwell Folk Festival in Nottinghamshire. They are passionate about their own traditional dance music, and teaching other people about it. We're sure you've never done this dancing before, but we guarantee you'll enjoy every minute of it. The energetic couple, circle and longways dances are easy to learn and there will be several teachers at the workshop before the dance. As the most northerly country of the Baltic States it was formerly part of the Soviet Union but it now firmly part of the European Union – a great country to learn more about it's revived musical tradition and culture. If you want to play some tunes after the dance and have some tea and cake, bring instruments along for a late night session.

Friday April 4th - The Rheingans Sisters

Friday April 4th 2014
Rheingans Sisters

8 pm £8
Tinwell Village Hall, Manor Lane, Tinwell PE9 3UD

The Rheingans sisters, Rowan and Anna, have been playing Swedish dance music and singing together for many years -two fiddles, two voices with banjo, cello, bansitar and concertina. Rowan is a member of the eclectic, harmony-singing folk trio Lady Maiserie. Anna is now living in the south of France and attending a course in Occitan music at the University of Toulouse. So they will be playing for both French and Swedish dances, as well as playing and singing traditional and contemporary folk music from across Scandinavia, Britain and America. This will be partly concert, partly dance so come along either to dance or just listen.