Friday June 20th - Tourdion and friends

Dances for the Stamford Music Festival

Friday June 20th
Tourdion and friends
Trad French Dance

United Reform Church Hall, Broad Street, Stamford
8 pm Workshop 9 - 11pm Dance £3

This is the opening event for the revived Stamford Music Festival. A Tourdion dance event is very similar to the more familiar British ceilidh or barn dance. This band's repertoire, though, is not from the UK but is drawn from all parts of France - from Brittany to Provence and all places in between. Just like a ceilidh, Tourdion provide a caller who can talk the dancers through each dance, and demonstrate the moves if necessary. Their large repertoire includes bourrées, scottishes, an dros, mazurkas, valses and polkas, plus some lesser-known Provencal dances. The six-piece band play a wide range of instruments from hurdy-gurdy, cittern and épinette des Vosges to mandolin, melodeon, whistle and clarinet.

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